About Us

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, residents of the Estancia Basin became increasingly concerned about declining water levels and their perception that water quality was deteriorating in the Basin. With substantial agricultural water use in place, and projections of significant expansion in residential, commercial, and industrial use, it became clear that a coordinated effort toward regional groundwater management studies was needed.

In late 1993 the Estancia Basin Water Planning Committee (EBWPC) was formed to address the unique issues faced by the citizens of the Estancia Basin. The group, which was composed of citizens representing major stakeholders in the Basin, found itself faced with a complex range of challenges. In response, the EBWPC undertook the creation of the Estancia Basin Regional Recommended Water Plan.

Since that time, the EBWPC has remained dedicated to coordinated water resource planning for the Estancia Underground Water Basin. Members represent the county governments as well as the region’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts, the agricultural sector, utilities, and area residents.